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Wholesale / Bulk Purchasing

So you’re interested in our products and ready to become a distributor? Great! If your organization, company, or group is looking to purchase items from us in bulk, we’re here to help! Of course, individuals can also buy in bulk.

We can also make your products and ship for you. If you sell on your website and want to work with us, we can make and ship your products within 4 days. Any design, onto any piece of clothing. contact us at and we will email our prices. This way you can sell RISK free and only order products from us based on your orders!

For Clothes

We offer T-Shirts, Tank Tops, Hoodies, Pillows, Sweatpants, Board Shorts, and much more.


50+ = $12 per piece

100+ = $11.50 per piece

200+ = $11 per piece

500+ = $10 per piece

1000 + = $9 per piece


50+ = $24.50 per piece

100 + = $24 per piece

200+ = $23 per piece

500 + = $22 per piece

1000 + = $21 per piece

2000 + = $19 per piece (lowest price)

Tank Tops

50+ = $11.50 per piece

100+ = $11 per piece

200+ = 10.50 per piece

500+ = $9.50 per piece

1000+ = $8.50 per piece

Please note that for every 10 pieces, you can choose a different design. The bare minium is 10 pieces (ANY SIZE) for 1 design. So if you buy 50 pieces you can have 5 different designs, with a variation of any sizes you choose.

Please contact us for other prices and special deals.

Ready to take the next step?

If you’re interested in placing a bulk order, please contact us at and please indicate:

item name




and we will send to you a customized quotation shortly.

* Please note that bulk orders cannot be placed through our website.

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